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Balancing training for swim, bike, run, strength, stretch and LIFE is an art and a science.  Leave it to our expert coaches to develop a plan that is perfect for you!  Choose a Personalized Coaching Plan or a Pre-Made Coaching Plan to help you achieve your goals and cross the finish line!  No “junk miles” included!

Personalized Triathlon Coaching Plan

Our personalized training plans are expertly designed to consider volume, frequency, duration and intensity over a periodized schedule.  We take into consideration your limiters, strengths, schedule and lifestyle to create the perfect combination for success.

What is a personalized training plan?  

It is the highest level of triathlon coaching service available.  An annual training plan (ATP) and customized workouts are designed for each individual athlete with their specific goals in mind. The workouts are developed bi-weekly and uploaded to the athlete’s training account which is provided by the coach. This periodized training schedule is both flexible and designed around the athlete’s personal lifestyle. It is very detailed and allows progression of training to maximize athlete potential.

Who is a Personalize Coaching Plan for?

Personalized Triathlon Coaching is for any triathlete who has the desire to improve or achieve, and the discipline to track their training.  Our coaches have worked with beginner athletes as well as elite level world champions!  We have helped athletes obtain podium spots at local races and podium spots at International Triathlon Union events as members of Team USA!  Our athletes have crossed the finish line at their first sprint triathlon as well as at the Ironman 70.3 and Kona 140.6 World Championship races! 

How does the training plan work?

Athletes who purchase a personal coaching plan receive a premium Training Peaks account and are expected to keep it up to date by regularly marking workouts as complete or synching their data and writing comments about their workouts.  Without this information, the coach cannot accurately monitor volume and progression or build an appropriate plan.  Athletes who do not complete this information at least once weekly risk being dropped as a client by the coach.  Communication is a big part of training success, so expect to communicate with your coach through your training peaks workouts or by sending an email each week.

Do I need a heart rate monitor?

Yes, you will need to use a heart rate monitor for training.  In order to see all training data (mileage, heart rate, power, speed, time, etc) it is important to have one that syncs automatically to your Training Peaks account and uploads the results of your training.  Our favorite is the Garmin 935XT model.  This, or most Garmin devices and some other brands, will upload all the data the coach needs.  The more information the coach gets from your workouts, the better the training will be for you!

How long is a training plan?

Most athletes remain on a training plan year-round.  The plans are periodized based on where the athlete is in their training cycle – base, build, peak, race or transition (off-season with a strength emphasis). Some athletes purchase a plan just to prepare for their “A” race of the season.  The minimum initial purchase is 3 months, then you can pay monthly.  

What is included in the training plan?

  • Initial consultation (30 minutes)
  • Review of athlete history
  • Goals and objectives outline
  • An upgraded Premium Training Peaks account
  • Ability to upload your data automatically from your Garmin and most other devices
  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) development and an outline of your training and racing season
  • Customized weekly training schedule delivered to your Training Peaks account
  • A strength training program to incorporate with your training
  • Heart rate zone establishment for the bike and run
  • Swim pacing zones
  • Power zones for the bike and run when available
  • Regular contact with the coach via email
  • Phone consults as initiated by the client (30 min 1x week)
  • Analysis of submitted short video footage of swim, bike, run – monthly as requested

Personalized training plans are limited in availability for quality assurance. Please contact us to inquire about starting your plan.

Christina Dorrer – Head Triathlon Coach

$675 for 3 months, then $225 monthly

Lisa Wright – Assistant TRI Coach, and Fueling 2 Perform Coach

$525 for 3 months, then $175 monthly

Pre-Made Training Plans

Pre-made Training Plans are plans that you can follow individually or with a group to prepare for an event. Pre-made plans are available for any sprint, Olympic or 70.3 distance race of your choice. We also have plans for duathlons and aquabikes. When you register, let us know what race and date you are preparing for and we will provide the best plan for that course.

What makes these plans different from other “general” training plans on the market is that they are designed with workouts for a specific race. If it is a hilly event, there are workouts to prepare you for that! If it is a flat event, your workouts will be designed to maximize your speed. They also are more individualized than most general plans and still allow contact and updates with the coach.

Training Plan Highlights

  • Workouts are set to your zones, power and paces.
  • Training zones for the plan are updated on request after “test” days.
  • An adjustment to your plan can be made for an additional “B” ranked race with proper taper upon request.
  • Great for athletes who want a plan to follow and don’t require feedback or analysis from a coach.  You can request a consult at $25/30 min for personal analysis and training questions.
  • Suitable for all abilities with options for athletes looking to get faster and more competitive.
  • Provided through Training Peaks on a free training peaks account which can be upgraded.
  • Access to your workouts by email, on your personal training peaks account or an app on your phone.

If you are seeking a coach to maximize your athletic potential by creating workouts specific to you, your schedule, your abilities and your goals, opt for a Personalized Coaching Plan. Also, you should consider a Personalized Coaching Plan if you are preparing for your first 70.3 distance or you are doing a 140.6 event. Pre-made training plans are not offered for 140.6 distance because Coach Dorrer firmly believes that you should use a coach when training or racing that distance no matter if it is your first or 10th!. 140.6 miles is a serious distance that requires serious, individual training and planning for success and safety.

Choose your 12-16 week training plan, then contact us with your race distance and date.  

$150-$200 - Choose your plan below.

Pre-Made Training Plans 12-week Beginner

Pre-Made Training Plans 12-week Beginner

Pre-Made Training Plans 12-week Beginner

Premade Training Plan 16-week Advanced

Pre-Made Training Plans 12-week Beginner

Pre-Made Training Plans 12-week Beginner