Fueling 2 Perform℠

Individual Nutrition Consulting - professional help to get you on track with your weight goals.

Packages – extra savings with package purchases

6 months*: Initial Assessment plus 2 follow-up visits/month. $750

*The 6 month package also includes the Race Week Nutrition Assessment.

Initial Assessment

60 minute consultation via phone or communication via HIPAA compliant video conferencing with e-mail support for 1 month after assessment; a complete assessment of needs, dietary analysis, supplement evaluation, training assessment, determination of 1-2 areas of focus. 


Follow up Nutrition Session

30 minute consultation via phone, FaceTime or Skype; review of modifications, additional recommendations to fine-tune goals. Make any necessary adjustments based on changes in goals and/or training.


Race Week Nutrition Assessment

60-minute consultation via phone, FaceTime or Skype; full assessment of needs for race day nutrition, provide fueling strategies and guidelines; includes “gut training” help for those with sensitive GI tracts needing help tolerating nutrition on bike and run, sweat assessment with fluid and electrolyte recommendations, what to eat and drink the week before an event and recovery nutrition. Includes two 30-minute follow-up sessions to monitor progress. Should be started at least 2 months prior to race event and after an initial assessment.  


1-Month Package

1 month: Initial Assessment plus 2 follow-up visits. 


3-Month Package

3 months: Initial Assessment plus 2 follow-up visits/month. 


6-Month Package

6 months: Initial Assessment plus 2 follow-up visits/month. The 6 month package also includes the Race Week Nutrition Assessment.



A 60 Day Weight Maintenance & Workout Challenge

Did you know that the average person gains 1-2lbs over the holidays… and never loses that added weight?! And, some people gain as much as 5lbs!

Let’s ”Hold It For The Holidays!" together with a weight maintenance challenge! The goal is for athletes to maintain (or lose) weight for 60 days from Nov 4 – Jan 4, our off-season and holiday binge eating season.  The prize is a healthy body, good start to the next season, AND a $25 credit for select E2P services in 2020 for anyone who “Holds It!”

How to play:

  • Step on your scale Nov 1-4 to get your initial weight. Having a scale that also calculates BMI and % body fat is beneficial.
  • Log your initial weight and data into your Training Peaks plan. Honor system! If you have a Garmin scale, this data automatically loads into your TP training plan.
  • You must weigh in and enter your weight into TP at least 2x per week, not on consecutive days. 
  • Join the Fueling 2 Perform Facebook group page for support and check in. We will have 5 Interactive Live Learning Sessions lead by Coach Lisa Wright (registered dietician and licensed nutritionist) which will also be available to watch later if you miss it (Nov 11, 18, Dec 2, 9 and 16)
  • Work out a minimum of 30 min a day 4x per week, two of which must be strength training workouts. 
  •  Use a weekly strength video workout provided by Coach Dorrer, or, purchase a more comprehensive off-season strength training plan if you need direction with your strength training and are not currently on a coached plan.
  • Weigh in again on January 2nd to log your final weight.  Hopefully, it will be the same as your first weight in!
  • Find out January 4th if you “Held It,” logged it, and worked out 4x a week to receive your prize! 

Interactive Live Learning Sessions

  • Nov 11 - What percentage of Macros should you be targeting in the off season? Fewer carbs and more protein? What about fat? Is this the same for athletes vs non-athletes?
  • Nov 18 – Meal planning, meal prep, easy tips to stay on track during holidays. How to avoid party munchies and ideas for cutting unnecessary fat and calories from your holiday meals. 
  • Dec 2 – Strength training as it relates to weight maintenance as well as preparation for the next race season.  Fueling properly while strength training in order to maintain/lose weight and keep/build muscle.
  • Dec 9 – How to include more “good” carbs in your diet and obey the 10 fruits and veggies rule. How to avoid alcohol and other “empty” calories.
  • Dec 16 - Lean options when it comes to protein and how to include sources of protein besides meat, including protein powders and Vegan options. What powders (if any) are acceptable and are they really necessary?  

Instead of starting the 2020 season out of shape, let’s start healthy, fit and strong! Together, we can “Hold It For The Holidays!” 

Register Soon!  Weigh in starts 11/1/19 -  $100

Hold It For The Holidays!

Challenge begins 11/1-4. Register early to prepare for the class.