Strength 2 Perform℠

Personal Training

Want someone to push you (safely and strategically) to your MAX?  Want to get stronger on the bike?  Need more power in your swim stroke?  Need extra core strength and flexibility?  There is no denying the benefit of working one-on-one with a trainer AND coach to create the absolute best strength program specific to your personal performance desires.  Sign up for these private or semi-private sessions (up to 2 clients) to make the most of every training session.  You WILL see results!

Personal Training 1 Hour


Personal Training 5 x 1 Hour


Off-Season On-line Strength Training Plan

Make the most of your “off season” by incorporating strength into your training routine and see results in your next training cycle! This 12 week program is designed for swimmers, cyclists and runners to build strength and power as well as to reverse the overuse of certain muscles in our sports. This plan is not customized. It is best done with access to a gym so you can use machines that provide heavy resistance. However, there is a HOME option for athletes who prefer to work out at home with dumbbells and bands. Mixed in with strength are options for general cardio workouts to maintain some of your aerobic base. The plan is available at any time but best used beginning in the fall (October – November).

Off-Season Gym Program


Off-Season Home Program