Run 2 Perform Clinic

Personalized Run Training Plan

Private Run Coach Session


Join us for a 4 week early morning run clinic 

on an indoor track with 

Coach Christina & Coach Anna

Just in time for Rock N Roll, Cherry Blossom and those early season DUs & TRIs! 

  • Run video analysis to provide feedback on your stride, strike and gait 
  • Essentials of running – practice techniques for warm up, strength training and stretching
  • Run performance drills – lesson of the week will feature drills to help perfect gait
  •  Track workout – put it all together and develop your paces

Thursdays - 2/13, 2/20…3/5, 3/12

5:15am – 6:15am

Georgetown Prep Indoor Track 


Private Run Coach Session

Personalized Run Training Plan

Private Run Coach Session


Get a private session with a run coach who can assist with various topics specific to individual runners as needed including:

  •  pacing 
  • determining race pace targets
  •  run gait analysis
  • specific strength or flexibility exercises
  • run injury pre-hab/re-hab 

$50 per 30 minutes

Order 2 if you would like a 1 hour session


Personalized Run Training Plan

Personalized Run Training Plan

Personalized Run Training Plan


Perfect for the runner preparing for a specific event whether it’s their first 5k or their 20th marathon! 

This is a personally developed on-line training plan that provides just the right amount of workload to prepare the runner for their event. 

No junk miles included! Personalized run plans are completely individualized based on your abilities.  They also provide strength training specific to developing the athlete and as prehab/rehab routines. Regular communication with the coach is expected! You will receive your workouts on a Premium Training Peaks account and be able to comment on them or communicate via email with your coach regarding your training. This is the best way to get to the start line and cross the finish line!

$150/ month