Finished my 2nd Ironman race at IM Chattanooga 9/24/17. Once again I signed on with Coach Dorrer for my coaching and training. I was able to finish the training and the race in great shape and was able to target my predicted finish time! I will continue into 2020 race season with Coach Dorrer by my side!



“I could hardly swim 25 yards without stopping before I joined coach's swimming training classes last September. Then, I finished my first half Ironman in Atlantic City.  I couldn’t have made so much progress without the help of Coach Dorrer and the encouragement from my teammates.  Now I have the confidence to attempt a full Ironman next year.  Thanks for all the support!”



“I can’t thank Coach Dorrer enough for helping me make my dreams come true. I’m a ordinary athlete and she has trained me to do extraordinary things. Coach Dorrer coached me to do a Half Ironman earlier this year and she said to me from day 1 if you follow my plan not only will you finish but you will finish injury free. She has delivered on all her promises and for that I’m forever grateful. Coach actually makes training fun!!"

Amy Subar, ITU World Champion 2015


"Christina saw potential in me to qualify for Nationals and Worlds for Olympic distance triathlon – something that I never dreamed possible and, frankly, at the time, had no interest in. With her encouragement, I committed and turned myself over to her.  I followed her expertly designed, personally tailored training plan doggedly, kept getting faster at all three sports, and ultimately became an age group World Champion in September 2015, achieving a PR in all three sports.  Thank you, Christina!”



"I've done the New York City International Tri 12 times now.  In the first 11, I had two third place finishes but had never broken three hours except the time they shortened the run due to heat.  This year, with Coach Dorrer’s training, I did a 2:52 and took first place in the 70-74 age group!   I also improved my times in the 70.3 distance this year, including the World Championship 70.3 in Chattanooga, and even finished Ironman Kona World Championship in 16:23:32!  You want to improve your racing, hire Coach Dorrer."



“Coach Dorrer has given me the greatest gift, the belief in myself and the courage to take on almost the impossible. I've gained strength and speed in all my disciplines but most of all I gained the love and support of her and our group. With her guidance, I completed my very first Ironman.  With each passing mile I kept coach's words, mottos and relentless attitude towards achieving your dream and being the absolute best you can possibly be. I couldn't have to done it without her!"



"I signed up for my first triathlon in 2016 with my middle-school ten-speed. But Coach’s bike training classes got me hooked, and soon I was buying a training plan and completing my first Oly. In my second year I signed on for personal training with Coach and good things happened. Including qualifying and racing in USAT Age Group Nationals. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in every facet of the multi-sport. You’re the best!"



"I started a training plan for the first time this year to prepare for Nationals after two years of training for races using my own planning.  I'd been doing well on my own, but wanted to step it up a notch and ensure I was as well prepared for Nationals as I could be.   While being coached by Christina I could see (using training peaks) and feel my fitness and endurance improving as the season progressed.  It was great to have my workouts planned, see them working, and have Christina there to ask for advice and tips.  And Nationals was a success - I had a fast swim, one of my strongest bikes ever, and finished with a strong run to come in 12th in my AG and qualify for Worlds."



"Coach Christina Dorrer introduced me to triathlons 4 years ago. At the time I did not swim, or own a road bike, and my longest run was a 5K. Thanks to her personalized training to fit my busy lifestyle, I have completed many triathlons including my first ironman. Coach Dorrer is awesome! She has made the impossible possible."



“For years I struggled with swimming which kept me from my dream of being a triathlete. I started working with Coach Dorrer initially to build strength to ward off the many injuries I was getting from marathon training. She learned of my triathlon dreams and so it began. She used Training Peaks to set up a workout plan for me.  I had never had a coach or used Training Peaks, but now I'm addicted to both.  The daily workout emails from Coach Dorrer are God's mindless training.  My only requirement is to show up and work!!  The workouts whether swim, bike or run were specific to me and improving my weakness (swimming). Swimming during the summer with Coach and her other athletes was the icing on the cake. Even though there were other athletes in the pool I felt a one on one connection. There was constant feedback, cheering and some nudging when I thought I just CANNOT swim another lap.  She pushed me both physically and mentally.  On the day of my triathlon, Coach Dorrer was right there with me...physically RIGHT there with me...pushing, cheering and nudging!!  I did it and the feeling was beyond my expectations.  I became a Triathlete that day because I was prepared and because she made me believe I could TRI and for that I'm grateful.”



“Coach Dorrer has been the ultimate motivational tool for my development as a triathlete. From the beginning Christina, dedicated her time and efforts to teaching me and so many others the intricacies of triathlon. She initiated training programs in swimming, biking and running; held seminars in all aspects of the sport; and equally as impressive, passed on her extreme knowledge in nutrition – an aspect of triathlon that is equally as important as the training.  She always has an ear for her athletes and works tirelessly to develop interesting and effective training plans through Training Peaks.  She pushed me to new physical and mental limits, never taking no for an answer.  She trained me through the ultimate in triathlon at Kona and, more recently, my third Ironman finish in Chattanooga!  Age has no boundary in this sport, and Christina’s coaching never gets tired or boring, just the opposite!  See how her team of athletes is growing!  This is a testament to her personality and professionalism.”



“I have been a serious cyclist and runner for decades, but I had never attempted a Triathlon because I never had learned to swim properly.  I met Coach Dorrer at a spin class, and she promised me that she could teach me to swim.  I was skeptical.  For the first couple of weeks that I participated in Coach’s summer swim program, I couldn’t swim a single lap without feeling out of breath.  That was 2 ½ years ago.  This past weekend, as I approached my 61st birthday, I completed my first Ironman distance Triathlon, including a 2.4 mile swim.  There is only one explanation for how I was able to get from where I was 2 ½ years ago to where I am today:  Coach Dorrer.  I’ve also worked with Coach in her cycling and running programs.  As noted, I am an experienced cyclist and runner.  I’ve completed dozens of Century rides and a number of marathons, and I thought that I was pretty good at both disciplines.  As I worked with Coach, however, I discovered vast areas in which I could improve, and I am a much better cyclist and runner because of her.  Finally, along the way, I met an incredible group of training partners, whom I will hold among my closest friends for the rest of my life.  Put aside everything that I’ve said about Coach Dorrer’s coaching ability.  She is a warm, caring person, and our relationship has become much more than that of a coach/ athlete.  My experience with Coach Dorrer has been life-changing."



"I've really appreciated the incredibly supportive group of athletes that Coach Dorrer trains. The sense of community that we get from fellow racers on the same mission for potentially different reasons is not found elsewhere. I would not have met some of my closest friends if I didn't start training with her. Training is hard, but training with a fun, supportive and dedicated group makes it so much easier (in a 'misery loves company' sort of way!).   Also, one thing I REALLY love is the ability to not have to think about what to do. When I'm told what to do in a class, or know what  is on my personal coaching plan at 5 am, there is increased likelihood that I'll get up and go, rather than stay in bed.  My brain is preoccupied with family, work, and life.  I have no time to try to figure out what workout I should do TODAY so that I can succeed TOMORROW (or in 4 months!). Having these plans have helped me get up and out and train for the big events!"



"Running across the finish line for my first half Ironman, I could not wait to call Coach Dorrer to tell her how thankful I was for her awesome training program. I met Coach Dorrer in Florida where she convinced me to sign up to TRI! With her training, I finished my first sprint and then my first olympic races in Florida. She trained me in Virginia for a marathon and olympic tri and so when I moved to Texas and signed up for my first half ironman, I knew I had to call her. Her coaching plan redirected me from over-training to personal specific goals that led me to achieve my goal – finishing and feeling strong crossing the line. I know I can count on Coach Dorrer even when I am living 1500 miles away!"



"Whether training with a group or one on one, Coach Dorrer helps me to train with a purpose. The result has been better functional fitness and more fun when training."