Bike 2 Perform

Power 2 Perform Cycle Coaching


P2P IS a cycle training class done in-studio on computrainers using a special coaches’ only software that measures and tracks every minute of your workout.  Just bring your bike and get ready to work and sweat!  In this semi-private class, you will learn everything you need to know about power on an individual level.  Coach Dorrer will test and monitor your cycle zones and design power workouts with specific targets for you!  Attend a weekly 1-hour session to build your strength and output on the bike.  Coach will track your stats and make you perform your personal best!  Nothing compares to this type of training on your bike. 

The next session begins in April – please contact Coach Dorrer for more information.

Power Profile Testing


In Power Profile Testing, you perform 2 x 1 hour sessions to determine your max effort on short, medium and long intervals. Coach will analyze the information to create your personal power profile and help you understand your cycling strengths and weaknesses. The information provided can determine if you are best suited for sprint, Olympic or long course racing and what type of course you can expect your best performance on. Coach will also provide suggestions on how to improve in certain areas by providing specific weekly workouts.  Information provided by this testing will give you great insight on how to plan and train for race seasons.

2 testing sessions with analysis and workouts: 



Best Bike Split®


Coach Dorrer will use Best Bike Split to help you determine your outcome on the bike on race day. After inputting data, we can create a variety of optimizations in things like pace, weight, drag, weather and other factors to determine your best outcome. You will receive a “cheat sheet” for recommended course specific power training targets which you can use to practice on your smart trainer as well as to use on race day to achieve your best bike split! $100 per course


Spin Scan Analysis


A 50 minute cycling session consisting of set up, a 10 min warm up, a 30 min spin scan analysis, 10 min cool down and review.



Cycling Skills Development Clinics


Offered seasonally, these skills development clinics are for novice and experienced cyclists to develop technique, agility, balance, cornering, braking, and other aspects of cycling that give the rider confidence to ride faster and stronger. 

Coming this spring! To inquire, please contact Coach Dorrer at

Personalized Cycle Training Plan


Perfect for the cyclist preparing for a specific event whether it's at 10k TT or a 7 day high mileage endurance ride. This is a personally developed on-line training plan that provides just the right amount of workload to prepare the athlete for their event. Personalized cycling plans also include strength training specific to developing the athlete and as prehab/rehab routines.

$150/ month


Private or Semi-Private Coaching


For athletes interested in a private or semi-private session on the bike to work on any aspect of cycling of their choice. Examples include improving endurance, building power, learning how to clip in and out of pedals, proper gearing and hill climbing. 

30 minute session - $50

30 minutes

Private or Semi-Private Coaching


60 minute session - $100


Private or Semi-Private Coaching


Cycling sessions on the road are a minimum of 90 minutes starting at $150

On the Road